Having a Productive Dialogue
With Your Eye Doctor

Some people may not bring up their dry eye symptoms, or how these symptoms affect their daily activities, because they did not think these are signs of a disease. But because Chronic Dry Eye (CDE) is a disease, any possible symptoms or signs should be discussed with your doctor.

Many doctors will say that the doctor-patient relationship is a dialogue. They don't want to do all the talking—they need to hear from you. Taking the Ocular Surface Disease Index (OSDI©) Questionnaire before your visit and bringing the results with you will make it a lot easier to have a dialogue with your eye doctor about Chronic Dry Eye.

Tips for having a productive “dry eye dialogue” with your eye doctor:

  • Be specific. Tell your doctor exactly how long and often you've been using any over-the-counter products, like artificial tears
  • Be clear. The more clearly you describe your dry eye symptoms and how they affect you, the more it could help your doctor make a diagnosis
  • Be confident. It's very important to take care of the health of your eyes. Your eye doctor can help you do this. Talk to your doctor and ask questions