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Those who experience stinging, burning, and watering eyes might attribute these symptoms to the weather, allergies, contacts or even their eye makeup, when in fact they may be suffering from Chronic Dry Eye (CDE) disease.i

Laura Periman, MD, nationally-
renowned ophthalmologist

Dr. Periman shares helpful eye care tips to keep eyes away from potential irritation

Keep face creams a healthy distance away from the eyes. At least one inch away from the eyes or better yet, outside the bony rim of the eyes. A key ingredient of many face creams is retinoic acid, which can cause irritation.ii

Look out for harmful product ingredients. Preservatives are important to prevent contamination, but they also have a damaging effect on the eyes. Steer clear of benzalkonium chloride, a preservative commonly found in cosmetics.iii

When choosing mascara, stay away from waterproof formulas. The problem is twofold: waterproof mascaras use compounds that are potentially harmful for the tear film. Additionally, makeup removers with harsh chemicals are required to effectively remove waterproof formulations.iii

Control the air quality in your home or office. Use a portable humidifier to keep the air moist, which will help prevent eye irritation caused by dryness.i

Our Expert

Laura Periman, MD

Laura M. Periman, MD, is an ophthalmologist who has been in practice at Redmond Eye Clinic since 2007. She is one of the country's leading dry eye experts, a nationally-recognized speaker and has a passion for whole eye health. Dr. Periman often says she was born to be an eye doctor. Dr. Periman loves general ophthalmology and has a particular passion for ocular surface disorders such as dry eyes.

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